What is the NFAS

The NFAS / National Field Archery Society exists to foster and promote Field Archery as a sport. All courses are unmarked (i.e. unknown distances), usually situated in woodland, and targets are predominantly 3D or paper animal faces.

There are eleven shooting styles within the society:

Primitive,Longbow, American Flatbow, Hunting Tackle, Barebow, Traditional Bowhunter, Freestyle, Bowhunter, Compound Limited, Unlimited and Crossbow.

Each style is split into six classes:

Gents, Ladies, Junior Boys, Junior Girls, U12 (Cub) Boys, U12 (Cub) Girls.

On a standard round an archer will shoot until he/she scores, up to a maximum of three arrows. Arrows are shot from the following pegs:

Adults: Red, White, Blue
Juniors (14/15): White, Blue, Blue
Juniors (12/13): Blue, Yellow, Yellow
U12s: Yellow, Yellow, Yellow
U9s: Orange, Orange, Orange

Shoots are held throughout the year all over the country. We also currently hold two championship events:

  • 3D Champs
  • National Champs

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(Quoted from the NFAS Web Site)